luni, 27 iulie 2015

Make a Wish
Unlove me over and over again
Untell me all the words you’ve once said
Until you’re out of my thoughts.
Come to me in silence.

duminică, 26 iulie 2015

Sometimes I feel
Like a door in the open:
No walls around,
No purpose at all.
A presence that is obvious
Without making
Any difference
Just being.

No Look Back

Do not look back, butterfly,
The cocoon you left behind
Has cracked.

Do not look back, butterfly,
Your wings are too large  
To fit into your past.

Do not forget, butterfly,
Books can never be trees again.

While I Was in the Office
                                                           "A job is a job, is a job, is a job, is a jail"  Sorin  Ghergut

While I was in the office
Others got married, gave birth,
Got divorced and died
My office had nothing to do with time,
Only with deadlines.
While I was in the office
Somebody else lived with my husband
Had my children
Lived my life and then died.
Now that I’m out of the office
I can’t find anything back
Neither my life
Nor my death.

I have a secret place:
A public toilet.
It’s a place full of poems and secrets,
Written on the wall
I can’t tell you where it is
As if I do,
I would no longer have a secret place.
Each time I go there, I think:
If each of us came here for a pee
A shitty world would turn
Into poetry.

I must be mad
That you're mad
About me.

As I was hoovering
A magnet word got snatched.
I thought it was ‘me’.
It was actually ‘them’.

Poetry happens
Some bother to write it down
They like to be called poets.


Sometimes I wish I were a biscuit
As I often see
that 25% of them
Are free.

You are a swamp
Swallowing time
Into a grave
That is not to be

About a Man
When he played the blues
He kept his eyes half closed
So one could hear
The sadness in his look
Those eye-lids
Held a dream
Without hope
To see the light
During his life time.

And only once
You walk through the time of your birth
And only once
You walk through the time of your death
Yet none you can remember
Which makes the journey worth.

My name

My name has never left me
When everything else has
My name is just a thought
Mum once had
A thought that

8.30 am
Look at the morning rush
Everyone seems ready
To get into the office
And change the world.
As soon as they get in
They make themselves a cup of tea.
And they forget
 what they were thinking about.
After all, what is tea for?

I left the place
Where books own people
Rather than people own book
Went to the place where
Nobody owns anything
But time.

And if one day
They kick you out of the library
Although it’s only 4pm
You’d better buy a bottle of wine
On the way home.
 I bet
It's Christmas Eve.